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Code of Conduct – Overview & Details:


The purpose of the code of conduct is to ensure a safe and nurturing environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach as per their full potential so that everyone can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The code of conduct is a summation declaration of acceptable, ethical, and professional behavior by which all the yoga teachers agree to conduct yoga teacher training and business of yoga. The code of conduct is intended to upraise the professionalism, authenticity, and honesty of our yoga teachers by adopting uniform standards.

For Teachers:

For Students:


Attendance Policy for Yoga Teacher Training Program :


Our yoga teacher training program expects every applicant to be punctual in the yoga class and in the breaks as well. Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand above the crowd.

Our online yoga teacher training courses are affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA and to meet the Yoga Alliance minimum training standards, the applicants are required to be regular in the yoga class and complete all the given assignments ahead of time. Completing the assignments on time and regularly attending the yoga class will help you stay ahead of the curve and provide you with a bright career ahead.

The institute will not entertain any late arrivals or partial participation in the class. It is true that there are unforeseen events and unexpected situations, in which nobody has control upon. In these cases, if you fail to attend the class, you need to cope up with the missed classes and learn the content that has been taught. You can also schedule private sessions with the lead trainer or the class facilitator.

Please note that the private sessions will be limited and their availability is not guaranteed, and moreover, the private sessions are not free and will cost some money. So, it's better to be on time and not to miss any yoga sessions so that the entire yoga teacher training program can be completed with great ease and perfection.

Yoga Teacher Training Certificates will only be awarded to those candidates who will complete the course with due diligence and sincerity.

We, at Retreats for Me, expect our students to be punctual if they want to leap ahead of the curve.

Grievance Policy – Overview & Details:


A grievance or complain is an expression of dissatisfaction. It can be either written or oral. There is a fine line of difference between the two i.e. the complaint and the grievance.

A complaint is a general expression of dissatisfaction with a particular situation or behavior of a person. It can be regarding the delivery of the service, quality of a service, a policy or a procedure etc.

A Grievance is a more specific and serious feeling that is a result of any hardship suffered or any alleged wrong action. For example, discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, impartial behavior, religious differences etc.

Retreats for Me follows the same procedure at the time of dealing with a complaint or a grievance. We recognize that the expression of complaint is a major part of a customer feedback. All complaints and grievances are dealt with confidence.

Reporting of Policy Violations

We encourage anyone who has been the topic of sexual harassment or misconduct or the other action that violates the institute's policies and Code of Conduct to report the incident to our committee, Human Resources department, or faculty management. The report should contain the subsequent information such as:

In the interest of fairness and privacy, all reports should be created by the one that has in-person intimate the misconduct. If needed, we tend to might request further info from the person reportage the incident throughout the course of review of the report.

We, Retreats for me will take acceptable action to make sure compliance with our policies. Any information provided throughout a grievance report review is treated on a confidential basis. Similarly, any actions that will be taken in response to the report will be kept confidential. If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, then you need to outline the specific reasons for your dissatisfaction via letter.

Anti-Retaliation Policy – Overview & Details:


Retaliation means taking any adverse action by the employer against any person for protection for reporting any kind of harassment, misconduct, or any violations in the code of conduct. Retreats for Me is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from any kind of sexual harassments, intimidations, or sexual misconduct for engaging in protected activities such as reporting any cases of harassment or participating in any kind of investigation related to the violations of the code of conduct, any policies, or procedures.

Retreats for Me shield anyone from retaliation who engages in a protected activity. Retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee because he/she is engaged in a protected activity.

Every employee has the right to communicate problems, suggestions, or issues. We, at Retreats for Me, keep all the complaints confidential and try to make the investigation as disruptive as possible.

Accepting this invoice after signing up on the website means you agree and gave your full consent on the policies and procedures, legal terms and conditions, and code of conduct laid down by the Institute i.e. Retreats for Me

So, it's advisable to read all the terms and conditions with utmost care because after accepting the invoice, the institute will not be liable for any kind of loss!

Refund Policy - Overview & Details:


Retreats for Me understand the importance of your valuable time, resources, and hard-earned money. Our refund policy is designed in such a way so that you get a crystal clear understanding of the terms and conditions related to the course fee and other charges as well.

We advise you to book the yoga teacher training program after extra consideration. If the applicant decides to enroll in the program, the applicant must pay the initial deposit to hold his/her position in the program. There is no cancellation policy; any amount paid for programs will be nonrefundable.

Admission Denials:

An applicant who wants to deny his/her admission into the course will not be entitled to receive a full refund. Hence, the money paid by the applicant will be forfeited.

Refunds Post the Program Start Date:

After the staring of the program, no refund will be entertained by the organization. If an applicant decides to withdraw his/her name from the program after it starts, then the applicant will be responsible for paying the full tuition fees, no matter any partial payments have been made to-date or not.

After the First Week and Additional Periods:

If an applicant wants to terminate his/her training after one week, then, no refund will be entertained by the organization. Hence, we request you to seek admission after proper consideration.

Bad Conduct:

Retreats for Me don't initiate any refunds if the teacher removes the student from the program due to bad conduct. Bad conducts refer to a violation of the code of conduct, any kind of harassment, bullying, or any other behavior that's inappropriate or undisciplined in terms of the welfare of the entire program and other students.

In any cancellation is performed by Retreats for Me due to any unavoidable circumstances, and then the full refund will be refunded to the applicant without any charges. Keep in mind that it doesn't apply to the cancellations done by the organizations due to any bad conduct or unlawful activity performed by the applicant during the course.

There is no cancellation policy; any amount paid for programs will be non-refundable. Retreats for Me reserve the right to refuse or cancel any admission without any explanation in case of serious misconduct or unlawful activity performed by the applicant on or off the premises of the institute.

Anti-Harassment Policy – Overview & Details:


Harassment is a legal term that means an illegal behavior towards a person that causes mental, physical, and emotional suffering. Unwanted behavior includes physical gestured, facial expressions, tweets or comments on social media, and many more.

Sexual harassment:

It is an unsolicited sexual advance and uninvited request for sexual favors that makes a person feel offended, intimidated or humiliated.

Sexual Misconduct:

Sexual Misconduct is misconduct of a sexual nature that is committed by force or intimidation and is often unwelcome.


Retreats for Me does not permit managers, teachers, students, or other persons working in the workplace to harass any other person because of certain factors such as age, gender, race, culture, nationality, religion, status, or any other basis prescribed in the books of law.


Retreats for Me don't tolerate sexual harassment at the studio. Sexual harassment includes many things such as:

We prohibit sexual misconduct in our institute. Teachers shall avoid getting into personal or sexual relationships with students that may result in hindering the integrity of their teaching.

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Child Policy: