Vendor Terms & Conditions              














Any confidential information that has been disclosed by either party to the other party shall be maintained in strict confidence and trust by the non-disclosing party. For the purpose of this clause Confidential information includes all the details of this agreement, the pricing of the deals, details regarding the sale and promotion of the hotels,deals, promotion discounts, special offer etc. and the details of the Guests / RFM guests that may become known to you as a result of this agreement. 





This service is being made available to the Host at the following terms: 


A. RFM will be the partner for online booking of Host for services of Wellness Treatments/Ayurveda Treatments/Yoga retreats &Teacher training. 


B. The Host will give Commission against each booking sold by RFM. 


C. If the Host is offering any promotional sales of room nights at discounted prices compared to the usual Sell Rate, the same discounted prices shall be offered to the Guests booking through RFM. 


D. RFM may offer certain promotions over the treatment/retreat/wellness of the Host to the guests, except on any specific dates duly informed by the Host to RFM at least five working days in advance. Irrespective of the discounts offered by RFM, the Host would be required to raise an invoice to the guests for the gross amount paid by them to the host and discharge tax liability accordingly. 


E. Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, RFM at their own discretion can charge the guests booking through the respective Host, a service fee for its services, over and above the Sell Rate. For the service fee (if any) charged, RFM shall issue a tax invoice for the guest only for the amount of service fee along with applicable taxes and Host will not have any responsibility to raise an invoice to the guest towards such service fee. 


F. The Host undertakes the responsibility for the successful completion of the booked reservation. In case if a reservation is not completed by whatsoever reason, the Host shall not claim any amount from RFM. The refunded amount will be as per the policy of the Host. Such amount will be refunded directly to guest for the amount they had paid to the Host. The balance amount will be refunded to RFM in their account. In case the cancellation is by Host then they shall pay 5% of the total amount to RFM towards losses on bank gateway charges (2.5% on booking & 2.5% on cancellation refund to payment to Guests). In Case if RFM has already paid any part payment to the Host against the reservations and if this reservation is canceled due to whatever reason then the Host undertakes the responsibility to refund received amount immediately to RFM so that RFM can refund to all guests.